“Mobile” VCE?

Venture has a unique tool in its arsenal.  We are the only partner that I know of that are able to bring a complete top-tier Virtual Computing Environment to a customer.  The Mobile VCE is composed of four 10-RU rolling cabinets, which together contain the storage, compute and network resources.  This rolling data center allows us to demonstrate the technology in front of a customer; at their location – even on their network.

The options are nearly limitless.  We can not only show a vSphere vMotion from host to host, but move a UCS service profile from one B-series blade to another.  We’re able to step through a simple deployment of VMware View, consumed by thin clients and demonstrate how VMware data Recovery can work with the NAS features of the EMC Celerra NS-120.

To see how the technologies discussed here (and more) can be used by your company, please contact us.

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