VMware releases for iPad

First, the View client for iPad. This is a great app and you can tell that VMware put a lot of time into making the user experience very nice. Its easier to use than Wyse PocketCloud in part because of the extra effort they put in to accommodate common Windows actions. I still use PocketCloud on the iPad because it’s a pretty good remote desktop client for non-View machines.

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the vSphere client for iPad. It’s pretty cool. It requires another virtual appliance be added, the vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA). The vCMA provides a web interface for vSphere, but it’s not really good-looking enough for the iPad directly. So, the new application looks fantastic and consumes the information from the vCMA.

The application allows administrators to start/stop and view performance statistics on VMs and hosts. The performance graphs are works of art, they’re stunning and easy to read.

The application is missing a few key features that I suspect will be coming soon. Namely, there’s no exposure into the clusters. I’d like to see comparative performance host-to-host within a cluster. I’d like to be able to edit the cluster settings. Their objective was to provide the 80% most-frequently-used functions, so I suppose editing VM, host and cluster settings doesn’t fall into that 80%. Overall, I’m thrilled to have the application and expect it to become even more essential over time.

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