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Update vCloud Director 5.5.0 to


This is just a quick how-to for upgrading a single vCD 5.5.0 cell to Version 5.5.1 fixes some pretty important bugs that can affect the stability of the environment. Version is not vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” bug. It’s a fairly simple and quick update. This Post has been updated to reflect v5.5.1.1 because you should also update to


  • Download the installation file (vmware-vcloud-director-5.5.1-1753992.bin) from my.vmware.com
  • Have your credentials for the vCD cell(s) handy
  • Make sure the cell has more than 2.7GB of free space on /. I use “df -h” to see the available space.
  • Backup the database
  • Backup the database (No, really)
  • Take a snapshot of the cell(s) to be upgraded


  1. Logon via SSH
  2. Either using SCP to push the bin file to the cell or using wget on the cell to pull the bin file down, get it there. Put it in /tmp
  3. cd to /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin
  4. Run this to check the IsActive status of the cell (replace “administrator” with the appropriate username)

    ./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell -status

  5. Run this to quiesce the cell

    ./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell -quiesce true

  6. Run this to shut down the cell

    ./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell -shutdown

  7. Now, we’ve stopped the process and are ready to upgrade
  8. cd back to /tmp
  9. Make the bin file executable

    chmod u+x vmware-vcloud-director-5.5.1-1753992.bin

  10. Run the bin


    Wait while the rpm extracts and checks the free space.

  11. If you’re ready, answer “Y” when asked Would you like to upgrade now?

    Would you like to Upgrade to

    Would you like to Upgrade to

  12. The upgrade process should complete within a few seconds and then let you know that the database schema needs to be updated.
    Done, now update database schema

    Done, now update database schema

    Run this to start the schema upgrade:


  13. Answer “Y” to begin database schema upgrade
  14. If you are prompted that there are still active cells, make sure that there are no other cells running. The one we’re working on is stopped, but the is maintaining a connection to the database. It’s the only vCD cell using the database, so it’s okay to proceed. respond with “Y”
    Uh-oh!  Cells are still active

    Uh-oh! Cells are still active

  15. Allow the script to rebuild indexes and update statistics
    Update schema and rebuild indexes

    Update schema and rebuild indexes

  16. Allow the script to restart the cell

Multi-cell differences

  1. Perform steps 1-9 on each cell before proceeding
  2. On each cell, complete steps 10-11. Do not upgrade the database schema or start any vCD services until all the cells have been upgraded
  3. On each cell, after the upgrade completes, be sure the vCD services are stopped by running

    service vmware-vcd stop

  4. Perform steps 12-16 on your favorite (or the last) cell
  5. Start the vCD services on the other cells by running

    service vmware-vcd start

    on each.


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