Making a slight change in direction

My blog started as a way to remind myself how to do something, so I don’t have to rediscover it every time.  I hoped others would find it helpful too.  Until recently, I’ve been heavily involved in Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution (EHC), but have decided to shift my focus to Dell EMC’s Native Hybrid Cloud solution (NHC) and related technologies.  It’s an interesting challenge and presents a lot to learn.  NHC is a much younger solution than EHC and I’m looking forward to applying what we learned through EHC to it.

This only means that I’ll probably post a lot less VMware-related stuff and more about BOSH, Concourse, Cloud Foundry, PCF, Kubernetes and similar technologies.  I’m excited about learning about this platform and figuring out what works (and what doesn’t).