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Functional Diagram

12/01/2010 Comments off

This diagram depicts the relationship of the components involved in the running and support of the Virtual Computing Environment.


Mobile VCE - Functional Diagram

Mobile VCE - Functional Diagram

Here, you can see the role of the hypervisor on each B-series blade and on the C-series, in addition to the management and connectivity with the UCS and EMC components.


Components Diagram

11/22/2010 Comments off

Here’s a diagram I put together listing the arrangement of the equipment in use in our Mobile VCE

Mobile VCE - Components

Mobile VCE - Components

As you can see, there’s a lot of technology crammed into these boxes.  Together they make up one regular-size rack (40 RU).  The boxes altogether draw about 24KW at idle, starting them up draws a lot more of course.