Troubleshooting vMotion error

After recovering from a power failure, I noticed VMs were not migrating to one of the vSphere 5 hosts in a HA/DRS cluster.  That host had a status message that read “Unable to apply DRS resource settings on host”.  Oddly enough, that status message would go away and reappear periodically.  Trying to manually vMotion a VM to the host would fail with the helpful message “A specified parameter was not correct.  ” Oh!  Why didn’t you say so?! Ergh.

I tried putting the host in maintenance mode, removing it from the cluster and even removing it from vCenter Server.  None of these steps helped.  Time to get in the weeds!

I collected the logs from the host (“Administration|Export System Logs”) and started perusing.  In the hostd.log file, this is what caught my eye:

2012-06-05T19:30:15.309Z [FFBB0B90 info ‘TaskManager’ opID=f2ea5ac7] Task Created : haTask-ha-root-pool-vim.ResourcePool.createResourcePool-125613723
2012-06-05T19:30:15.310Z [35AB7B90 error ‘ResourcePool ha-root-pool’ opID=f2ea5ac7] Duplicate name ‘Server Virtualization’
2012-06-05T19:30:15.310Z [35AB7B90 info ‘Default’ opID=f2ea5ac7] AdapterServer caught exception: vim.fault.DuplicateName
2012-06-05T19:30:15.310Z [35AB7B90 info ‘TaskManager’ opID=f2ea5ac7] Task Completed : haTask-ha-root-pool-vim.ResourcePool.createResourcePool-125613723 Status error

Okay, so now I have something to go on, the resource pools didn’t get removed properly and couldn’t be recreated because of a duplicate name.  This is easy enough to fix.

  1. Enable and start the DCUI, SSH  and ESXi Shell
  2. Either get on the console or connect via SSH to the shell as root (Alt+F1 to get to tech support mode)
  3. Run this command

    # mv /etc/vmware/hostd/pools.xml /tmp

  4. Return to the DCUI (Alt+F2 from console, use “dcui” from SSH), logon as root
  5. Restart management Agents (under “Troubleshooting Options”)
  6. Logout
  7. Stop SSH & ESXi Shell


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