Resolve Hardware Status Alert SEL_FULLNESS

I noticed an alert on two UCS B250M2 hosts in the vSphere Client.  The alert Name was “Status of other host hardware objects”.  This isn’t helpful.  To get more information, you have to navigate to the Hardware Status tab of the host properties.  Here I saw more information about the alert.  It’s cryptically named “System Board 0 SEL_FULLNESS”.

SEL_FULLNESS alert in vSphere Client

This points to the System Event Log for the UCS blade itself.  Luckily, this is easily cleared by using the UCS Manager to navigate to the management Logs tab of the Server properties under Equipment.

Clear management Log for UCS Blade

Once there, you can back up and clear the SEL.  Within a few minutes, the vSphere sensors will update and the alert will be gone.

UPDATE:  Once UCSM has been updated to 1.4.1, the “Management Logs” tab is named “SEL Logs”

9 thoughts on “Resolve Hardware Status Alert SEL_FULLNESS”

  1. Heey, nice share..

    im just got this problem and ur thread is resolve my problem..

  2. Kudos for your your information. Having a bear of a time sifting through which errors Cisco presents to vcenter are critical and which are not. Unfortunately one was.

  3. Thank you very much for posting this as it helpped me understand where the true problem was.

  4. Why would you clear a critical alert. The person wanted to know the cause, as I do, not just how to make it go away.

  5. I had this warning in vSphere and cleared the logs from Hardware Status Tab, it went away – but PRTG Monitor still had the alert. By entering maintenance mode for the host PRTG also cleared the alert.

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