WTF is wrong with vCenter Chargeback?!

Every time I try to install vCenter ChargeBack, it fails. Every. %^#$#*. Time.

The installation log – which isn’t visible until the installation ends – indicates that a batchfile is created and then cannot be run because it is in use by something else. As a result, the services don’t get created and because the installer cleans up after itself, I cannot go back to run the batchfiles.

Preinstallation Tasks

  • Create a vCenter Chargeback Manager database and database user.
    Done, created SQL database and user. Ran script to add the CB_ADMIN_ROLE, added user to dbo_admins for database. Database uses SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, so its not case-sensitive.
  • Set a static IP address on the machine
  • Ensure that MSI installation is enabled
    Installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) anyway.
  • Check whether the required ports are free
  • Ensure that port exceptions are configured on Windows FirewallWindows Firewall turned off.
  • Ensure that system time of all the servers and databases are in sync Done. All members of same AD domain.
  • Ensure that the Windows user has the Log on as a service permission Done. Added admins, domain admins, administrator.
  • Ensure that the SQL Server Browser service is running It is.
  • Ensure that the vCenter Chargeback Manager database is case-insensitive.See first bullet.

I’m attempting the installation under the domain administrator account. Windows 2008 R2, SQL 2008 R2. I’ve exhausted everything I know to try and am open to suggestions…

Ok, I started from scratch with a new Windows VM, built from scratch. Not yet joined to the domain. So far, so good. Switching to Decaf….



VMware View 4.6 incompatible with VM v8 – correction

I’ve got an environment running vSphere 5.0 and VMware View 4.6 (because View 5.0 isn’t GA yet).  I found that when I upgrade the VM version and VMware Tools of my “Parent” Windows 7 VM, then recompose the Pool, the View client can no longer connect to the Desktop over PCoIP!

Here’s some more details, I’m using a security server in a separate VLAN from the Connection Server, but even if I connect the View client directly to the Connection Server, the behavior is the same.  It acts just like the PCoIP port is blocked (it’s not BTW); first the black screen, then the session dies.

If I choose the snapshot made before the HW version and Tools version upgrade, and re-recompose the pool,  the client connects as expected.  There are no other apparent differences between the “working” snapshot and the “not-working” snapshot, so I must conclude that VMware View 4.6 is incompatible with VM v8.

If this is, or is not the case, or you have a workaround, please let me know!


Edit: thanks to the very first comment, I reinstalled the View Agent on the parent VM an viola’, it worked like a charm.